Altar Of Acceptance
MFA Installation 1992

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The Installation was my journey through the grieving process, having lost, at the time, 3 of my siblings.


The following pieces were seen sequentially, circling the room, ending at a point close to the beginning.


3 Altars… bound, ungrounded triptychs.


Withered Flower … the underside is a beautiful rich blue velvet that has deep crevices and folds. The topside is sheer fabric, exposing a rusted crumpled wire framework nestled in soft fluffy cotton.


Soft Altar…  Initially, a performance piece. The soft quilt-like altar was closed, laying passively on the ground. Then I gently opened it up, revealing many of the books I had read during my grieving process.


Green, Deep Blue, and Carrying Wood Altars…  the gradual stirring of the inner world.

The closed altarpieces are transforming into what looks like swimming fish.


Two large Teardrops… after the dark nights, morning comes… and you’re standing at the edge of a new world.


Soft Green Family…  soft belly shaped forms that playfully stand together. Like the other suspended forms, they also hang from black cable, but their relationship to it is quite different. They slide along it – their location is flexible. The sense of isolation in the earlier altars has been changed to a feeling of connectedness. The forms relate to each other organically. The multiple lines arc upward to a single point.


This was my altar of acceptance.



Donna Marshall
All Rights Reserved 2020